Office Phone: (801) 485-5055

Fax: (801) 467-3296 or (801) 363-1309

Contact Mark Cacciamani, MD’s Office Coordinator Directly at


Contact NP Perrine Anderson’s Office Coordinator Directly at


Contact NP Sandra Jense’s Office Coordinator Directly at


Contact NP Rita Rutland’s Office Coordinator Directly at


House Call Doctors is dedicated to serving you, your family, and all of those involved in your care.  We strive to provide the best medical care possible. In order to ensure we are providing the highest quality of care, our providers are available 24/7 to their existing patients.

Our providers are always available to their patients, families, nurses, and facility staff by pager. In order to page your provider please follow these directions:

  • Dial the pager number, it will ask for a numeric message.  Dial your phone number, then press pound and hang up.
  • Pagers do not accept voicemail or text messaging – Numeric pages only.
  • Dr. Cacciamani, Dr. Strong, Perrine Anderson APRN, and Sandra Jense APRN generally return pages within 15 minutes to 1 hour. If you do not hear back it is very important that you page again.  Every page should always be returned—if it is not it means they didn’t get your whole phone number.
  • If you are paging from a facility, please let your receptionist know that you are the person looking for our provider.  They only know they were paged, they don’t know who is looking for them.
  • Cell phones with touch screens often send too many or too few numbers to the provider’s pager. To ensure paging accuracy we recommend paging from a land line, calling our office to have our staff page the provider to your number, or following the urgent paging instructions.
  • If Urgent: Page the provider and wait 5 minutes, page them again, wait 5 more minutes, and then page them a third time. This lets our providers know to stop what they are doing and call you urgently.  This also ensures that they get the correct phone number.
  • Please note: our providers are never bothered by being paged. They like to know what’s going on with their patients and are very involved in each patient’s care.


Mark Cacciamani, MD Pager Number: (801) 241-4483

Sharon Strong, MD Pager Number: (801) 241-0021

Perrine Anderson, APRN Pager Number: (801) 241-0623

Sandra Jense, APRN Pager Number: (801) 241-0255

Rita Rutland, APRN Pager Number: (801) 241-0339