Sandra Jense, APRN

As a health care provider I’m devoted to helping my patients and families find a way to merge their values and goals with their medical needs. Very few people want to spend their time in a hospital or a clinic, waiting for medical care, and house calls are a way to support people’s medical needs while giving them more time to do what matters most to them.

Sharon Strong, M.D.

When my mother began to show signs of dementia and I moved her from New York to Salt Lake City to help care for her, I realized that an office practice was no longer practical for me. I started providing end of life care in patients’ homes and realized two things - I really enjoyed it, and I saw a real need for physician care in the home for many of the elderly in the Salt Lake area.

Mark J. Cacciamani, M.D.

Dr. Mark Cacciamani has always had an interest in serving the underserved. He took a yearoff before attending medical school to volunteer in Southern California, aiding the Spanish-speaking community that didn’t have access to medical care.

Perrine Anderson, GNP

My experiences over the years clearly revealed the need for a unique practice which allows for continuity and collaboration of care for those living in the community who have difficulty accessing medical and psychiatric care.