Sharon Strong, M.D.

About Sharon Strong, M.D.

When my mother began to show signs of dementia and I moved her from New York to Salt Lake City to help care for her, I realized that an office practice was no longer practical for me. I started providing end of life care in patients’ homes and realized two things – I really enjoyed it, and I saw a real need for physician care in the home for many of the elderly in the Salt Lake area.

Education and Experience

  • Double Board Certified in Family Practice and Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  • Graduated from Cornell University Medical College in 1981
  • Residency in Family Practice at University of Rochester 1981-84
  • Graduated from University of Rochester, BA in Biology/Psychology in 1977
  • Worked in General Family Practice from 1984-2007; Hospice care since 2007; Caring for the homebound elderly since April 2013


Professional and Personal Interests

  • Dementia; care of the elderly including transitions from curative to palliative care; end of life care
  • Board member for “The Inn Between” a nonprofit whose mission is to provide compassionate hospice care to the dying homeless so that “no one has to die alone on the street.”
  • Hiking, traveling, camping, singing, knitting, tennis, and bridge
  • Married with three children.
  • Grew up in New York State and have lived in Salt Lake City since 1984.